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Ness Creek Forest Art

I will be hosting a photography class at Ness Creek again this year. It will take place from Monday Aug. 6th to Friday Aug. 10th. A great opportunity to get some learning time as well as some photography time. Join us.
Check out the Ness Creek Forest Art web site Go to the link page on our website to connect.
Please contact me if you need any other information.

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50% off Saskatoon and Scenic Prints and Canvases in Stock.

Prints from 5x7 to 24x80" prints of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.
There are canvas and regular photographic prints. Some framed and some
drymounted. Give us a call 306-242-0804

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Love This Saskatchewan available at these locations:

Love This Saskatchewan available at these places:
On Our web site

McNally Robinson Saskatoon-
Indigo Books Saskatoon-
Coles Market Mall-
Coles Midtown-
Coles Lawson heights-
SaskMade Marketplace-
Wanuskewin Heritage Park-
WDM Saskatoon-
U of S Book Store Campus-
Prairie Unique Gifts Saskatoon Airport-
Diefenbaker Centre-

Chapters in Regina-
Coles in Regina-

Gallery 148 in Elbow-
Little Manitou Art Gallery-
Moose Jaw Art Gallery-
Tourism Moose Jaw-
WDM Moose Jaw-

Love This saskatchewan as a Gift

I have published a new book on the beauty of Saskatchewan.
Fourteen notable Saskatchewan writers, artists, and entertainers
have written forwards to 14 chapters in the book. These are the
contributing authors; Trevor Herriot, Arthur Slade, Brad Johner,
Bill Waiser, Connie Kaldor, Brenda Baker, Monique Martin, Yann Martel,
Ken Mitchell, Glen Sorestad Lloyd Ratzlaff, Dorothy Knowles,
Madeleine Dahlem, Maria Campbell, and John Perret.
I have illustrated each chapter with a stunning collection of photographs.
It will sell for $39.95 +GST. Orders by phone 306-242-0804
or use the Buy Now button on this web site. I will provide shipping by Canada post,
anywhere in Canada for $15.00. Total 54.95 +GST
It will be a great book to collect or give as a gift this year.

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The Bigger Picture "Windows"
Go to links to view video on YouTube. Music by Robyn Perret-Smith

The use of windows in homes is both historic and functional in the present. Windows open, let sunshine through, we can see the weather and activate all our senses. It gives people an opportunity to view their natural world. We all have that connection to the outside world and use the window to activate that connection. With the onslaught of technology the connection moves to a smaller and smaller window. I am concerned that we are moving away from our window seat with nature.

Big Muddy Valley
A day in the big muddy video

All photographes were taken by John Perret on a weekend in early spring.
They were put together to show a day in the Big Muddy in Southern Saskatchewan.
The most recognizable landmark is Castle Butte.
Go to links and click on the YouTube link.

Selling off negatives.

If I took your photos for any occasion 1988 to 2006
please contact us about purchasing your negatives.
Cost is 25.00 per family for all negatives.
This will be the year to get them!
Let us know at 306-242-0804 John or Heather.

Tree Odyssey
Music by Robyn Perret-Smith

A compilation of photographs of trees. They come alive and herald the coming of spring. Trees stand like a vaulted ceiling against the ever changing sky. They sleep silently through the winter. Even when they die the tree becomes a home for the creatures of the forest. It melts into the landscape and becomes the decaying nourishment for the forest floor. Life to death and death to life.
Special thanks to Robyn Perret-Smith who composed the music for these images.The music is titled "Green"
Go to links and click on the link.

Northern Saskatchewan Video

Enjoy a selection of images from Northern Saskatchewan in the form of a video.
Check under links for an active link.

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News Archive
Going Beyond The Fence Line
An Exhibition Of Photographs From Johnís Book Love This Saskatchewan

Taking place at THE EYE GALLERY
October 31st to December 31st 2017
Opening Reception Saturday Nov. 18th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
#117-1132 College Drive
The gallery is open to the public during office hours

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Ness Creek Forest Art, I will be teaching a photography class.

Join us at Ness creek for an adventure in the arts. I will be teaching
a digital photography class starting July 3rd. The course will cover
both beginning and advances landscape photography. We will be
covering a variety of subjects as well as computer work to produce
final images. More information at
or by contacting John Perret at this web site.

A World We Have Lost

A World We Have Lost
Author: Bill Waiser
Selected photographic images by: John Perret
Check links for information.

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New Saskatoon Images 2015

A stunning variety of panoramic images showing the beauty of the fall skyline.

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National Awards for images.
Check out the link below

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New portfolio of Saskatchewan Small Towns and Churches.

I have compiled a series of some of the small town images we have. Buildings and elevators in some cases are gone. Contact me regarding any images you might want. Thank you.
Follow the link.

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