Welcome to Light Line Photography
Established 1978
John Perret BEd, CPA, MPA

Light Line Photography is located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. I am primarily a landscape photographer. I have produced a book on prairie landscapes called Saskatchewan In Sight published by Fifth House. Most recently I have contributed photographs to the centennial book by Bill Waiser Saskatchewan A New History.

I have had images accepted to an exhibition in Bogota, Columbia as well as China. Numerous awards have shown my photographs are some of the top illustrations in Canada. Several images have been accepted to the National Loan Collection of Canada and Getty Images in the United States.

I own and operate my own business. Landscape photography, providing a commercial image bank and creating illustrative work for designers are some of the services I provide. Marketing Fine Art images through a digital medium has become a large part of the business.

My goal is to continue producing the most outstanding photographic images possible. Welcome to the web sight and enjoy.

Contact me with any questions about our photography.

A World We Have Lost

A World We Have Lost
Author: Bill Waiser
Selected photographic images by: John Perret
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Saskatoon and Scenic Prints and Canvases.

Check with us first for images of Saskatoon.
This is one of our larger prints we have produced.
80"x24" canvas mounted print.

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Big Muddy Valley
A day in the big muddy video

All photographes were taken by John Perret on a weekend in early spring.
They were put together to show a day in the Big Muddy in Southern Saskatchewan.
The most recognizable landmark is Castle Butte.
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  Selling off negatives.

If I took your photos for any occasion 1982 to 2006
please contact us about purchasing your negatives.
Cost is 25.00 per family for all negatives.
This will be the year to get them!
Let us know at 306-242-0804 John or Heather.

Tree Odyssey
Music by Robyn Perret-Smith

A compilation of photographs of trees. They come alive and herald the coming of spring. Trees stand like a vaulted ceiling against the ever changing sky. They sleep silently through the winter. Even when they die the tree becomes a home for the creatures of the forest. It melts into the landscape and becomes the decaying nourishment for the forest floor. Life to death and death to life.
Special thanks to Robyn Perret-Smith who composed the music for these images.The music is titled "Green"
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Northern Saskatchewan Video

Enjoy a selection of images from Northern Saskatchewan in the form of a video.
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National Awards for images.
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